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Scam alert! Man laments how N322,000 disappeared from father’s account

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The irregularity prevalent in the banking sector today is no longer news especially when it comes to exorbitant charges on customers. Recently, a Twitter user has raised serious complaints bothering on fraud involving three banks.


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Oladimeji Esan @oladimejiesan in his complaints where he tagged key industry regulators like Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN and the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC revealed that his dad who is a Lecturer of Mathematics at an higher institution was defrauded N322,000 from his FCMB account by transaction he did not initiate.




According Oladimeji Esan who took to Twitter yesterday Saturday April 4th 2019, the money was traced into three banks which include, First Bank, Fedelity Bank and Union Bank.




While attaching the accounts where the missing money got transferred into @oladimejiesan wondered while the management of Fedelity Bank is finding it possible with the advent of BVN to trace the owners of the detected account.

Recipients of the missing money


His series of Tweets below,


I will never believe in BVN nor KYC until @cenbank and  @NDICNigeria ensures  @MyFCMB explains how transfers of N322,000 was made out of my dads account to this attached account without his consent on 30/04/2019  @DrJoeAbah @segalink @DrOlufunmilayo, @citizen_gavel pls help Retweet



The owners of this accounts are not faceless because am sure they have BVN. I will never believe in Nigeria again if these culprits are not exposed.



Am sure the owner of this accounts must have transferred money from this account to someone traceable before nor received from someone traceable.



People have been asking if he gave out his sensitive information. Let me add this My dad is not an illiterate. He is a lecturer and not only that he understands manipulations that could be done with digits and figures he has PhD in Mathematics



@oladimejiesan’s complaints seem to be yielding its intended result as the management of Fidelity Bank had messaged him privately regarding the issue. Meanwhile few hours after the tweet trended, FCM had put a call through to Oladimeji’s dad.


Update!!! @fidelitybankplc twitter handler sent a DM yesterday to ask if my dad has an account with them since one of the beneficiary of the transfers is their customer And there hasn’t been any reply since then. @FirstBankngr and  @UBAGroup


@MyFCMB headquarters about 5mins ago. They apologised and promised to act fast about it. He sends his regards to my twitter friends. He said he never knew twitter works wonders. He promised to sign up soon. More updates loading…..



He further called on the Police to do the needful while expressing optimism that nothing can steal his dad’s happiness not even what he termed ‘the Nigerian factor’  as toady will mark his 37 years wedding anniversary.


His Tweet,


Please I don’t want to teach you your job please do the needful. Take this as official. Thank you!



nor any Nigeria factor can spoil your joy. God will continue to bless we your children to replace this money in folds! Happy wedding anniversary to my parent. I love you both forever! #37yearstogether 05/05




Nor any Nigeria factor can spoil your joy. God will continue to bless we your children to replace this money in folds! Happy wedding anniversary to my parent. I love you both forever! #37yearstogether 05/05.



@oladimejiesan’s tweet later became the catalyst other aggrieved Nigerians waited for to register their own displeasure about services offered by their various banks.


Read what some of the have to say below,


Banks in Nigeria are the number yahoo yahoo fraudsters. I don’t know one that stands clean, all of them na ole while CBN na


@eTurbam 1,

The fact that banks don’t care to investigate when cases such as these are reported only shows that they carry out these fraudulent activities in-house.



Opening an account with @MyFCMB is the one most regrettable mistake I made this year. I made a transaction that didn’t go through and here we are six weeks later despite numerous pleas absolutely nothing has been done.




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