SAD! Liverpool Fan Cycles Round The World For 235 Days, Still Denied Entrance At Anfield

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An avid supporter of Liverpool, Jungyu Lee showed his passion when he cycled from his home country, South Korea to watch Liverpool game in England, but failed to get a ticket.

Lee cycled for 235 days baring the harsh conditions of several regions as he made his way to watch the Reds at the Anfield.

He travelled through China, Russia and Holland to arrive for Liverpool’s game but could not get a ticket and had to watch the game at a pub.

The South Korea told BBC: “it was 235 days, I am a really big fan of Anfield and Jurgen Klopp – he’s a top guy.

“I spent around 5,000 dollars, It was really exciting and I was really nervous as I had finished my journey and no more cycling.”

Jungyu Lee took several pictures of his journey through the continents as he made his way on his bicycle

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