Rivers State In Turmoil As Sim Fubara Fires Wike’s Loyalists

Rivers State In Turmoil As Sim Fubara Fires Wike’s Loyalists

Fawaz Adebisi 

Rivers State, one of the most populous and oil-rich states in Nigeria, is facing a political crisis as the governor, Sim Fubara, has fired several officials who are loyal to his predecessor and rival, Nyesom Wike.

Fubara, who became the governor in 2023 after defeating Wike’s candidate in a controversial election, has accused Wike and his supporters of sabotaging his administration and plotting to overthrow him.

On Monday, Fubara sacked his chief of staff, Chidi Amadi, and his chief security officer, Promise Wosu, who were former aides of Wike.

He also sacked all 23 local government chairmen in the state, saying that they were working for Wike and undermining his policies.

He then dissolved the state executive council, claiming that he needed to restructure his cabinet for better performance.

Fubara made another drastic move by changing the speaker of the state house of assembly, Rt. Hon. Martins Amaewhule, and his deputy, Dumle Maol, with the support of eight lawmakers loyal to him.

He also suspended the chief judge of the state, Hon Justice Samuel Chibuzor Amadi, alleging that he was biased and corrupt.

These actions have sparked outrage and resistance from Wike and his allies, who have condemned Fubara as a dictator and a traitor.

They have vowed to challenge his decisions in court and mobilize the people against him.

They have also accused Fubara of being behind the recent spate of violence and arson in the state, which have claimed several lives and properties.

The situation has raised concerns about the security and stability of Rivers State, which is a key economic hub and a hotbed of ethnic and religious tensions.

Many observers have called for dialogue and reconciliation between the two factions, warning that the crisis could escalate into a civil war if not resolved peacefully.


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