Reps Sponsors Bill ‎To Achieve Uniformity In Retail Commodities

Reps Sponsors Bill ‎To Achieve Uniformity In Retail  Commodities

The lawmaker representing Lagos Mainland Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, Hon AbdulRaheem Olajide Jimoh has said a bill for an Act to Establish the Weights and  Measures Council for Retails Commodities ‎ would achieve uniform quantity and quality commodities in the country.

He disclosed this in Lagos while reacting on the need to sponsor the bill on the floor of the Green Chamber.

The Bill if passed to law seek to protect consumers and businesses by ensuring that fairness prevails in all commercial transactions involving determinations of quality and provide standard for retail commodities to discouraged unfair and dishonest commerce.

According to him, “In Nigeria, the situation is such that terms of weights and measures do not always mean the same thing either between states or districts, within towns, cities or villages. Therefore, the need to standardized the commodities through correct weights and measures cannot be overemphasized.

“Having weights and measure of retail commodities guarantee utility. It creates trust and encourages continuous patronage by the buyers whiles sellers’ profits increased, he said

While speaking further, he said the Bill will provide consumers value-for money. “the various measurement units, their availability and adoption by the consumers and traders along with the relationship of prices are vital to marketing development.

“Standardization results in meaningful price quotations. Having widely accepted grades, prices quotations from a given retail commodity in one market can compared to similar price quotations from other markets

“Without  such standards, modern marketing would be next to impossible in our local markets in Nigeria.

‎The lawmaker said the bill has gone through  second reading in the House of Representatives.

The Bill which is sponsored by Hon.  AbdulRaheem Olajide Jimoh seeks for establishment of Weights and Measures Council for Retail Commodities to make provision for monitoring and implementation of standardized measures of consumables products and for other related Matters.

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