Racketeering: LASU In Degree Selling Scandal As Report Reveals Certificate Buying

Racketeering: LASU In Degree Selling Scandal As Report Reveals Certificate Buying

—- VC, Dean of Students, others implicated



Fawaz Adebisi

Even though Lagos State University (LASU) was founded, in 1983, with the aim to be a hub of academic excellence and learning.

Recent revelations have exposed a disturbing practice where individuals can acquire LASU degrees for a fee ranging from N2 million to N3 million.

All that’s required for this questionable “shortcut” to a LASU degree is the specified amount of money, along with a basic O-level certificate.

In just two to three weeks, these individuals can declare themselves “LASU graduates.”

Shockingly, their records end up on the university’s server, right alongside those of legitimate graduates who worked diligently for their degrees.

The founders of LASU couldn’t have foreseen that not only would certificate racketeering thrive within the institution, but also that some implicated staff members have not only escaped punishment but, in some cases, have been promoted to professorial positions within the university.

In a daring sting operation conducted during 2020-2021, led by the university’s management and the Department of State Services (DSS), some members of this degree-awarding syndicate were caught and forced to confess.

Unfortunately, the matter appeared to be swept under the rug during the tenure of the previous Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun.

The subsequent Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, seems uninterested in addressing this issue, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

The sting operation, which used body cameras and other advanced methods, began in 2020 and led to the arrest and interrogation of several staff members.

The disturbing details include names like Muyideen Zubairu, Daniel Amos, Olowu Abiona, Akindele Qudus Tunde, Oyebanji Olumide Ezun, Tajudeen Abayomi Olumoko, Hammed Ayofe Mutalib, and London Oghenemaro Vincent.

The syndicate offers LASU certificates for a hefty sum, depending on the complexity of the course.

They utilize their knowledge to advise clients on the most suitable course based on their credentials and then manipulate the university’s server to generate records.

Furthermore, even the school’s ICT department appears to have some corrupt elements involved in this racketeering.

Despite the evidence gathered during the sting operation, it seems that some of those implicated in the scheme have managed to evade consequences and even rise to prominent positions within the university.

LASU’s credibility is on the line as this scandal continues to unfold.

The university has acknowledged some instances of fraudulent degrees, and investigations are ongoing in collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

Meanwhile, beneficiaries of these fraudulently acquired LASU degrees are scattered across the country, with some even in prominent positions.

The fight against this racketeering continues, and the university’s integrity is at stake.


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