Portable Allegedly Fainted After Young Duu Bags N50 Million Contract

Portable Allegedly Fainted After Young Duu Bags N50 Million Contract

Fawaz Adebisi

The Nigerian music industry was rocked by a shocking news on Monday, as Portable, the boss of Zeh Nation record label, reportedly fainted after hearing that his former signee, Young Duu, had bagged a lucrative contract with Billpoint, a mobile app for bill payments.

Young Duu visited the billionaire entrepreneur Blord, the owner of Billpoint, for his first endorsement deal, which was worth 50 million naira cash.

The deal also came with a comfortable apartment and a good car for the rising star.

Blord also posted a video on his Instagram account, where he briefed Young Duu on the nature of the deal and told him that it was not a tough job.

The video has received over 150,000 likes and 6,000 comments from fans and followers, who congratulated Young Duu on his achievement.

However, not everyone was happy for Young Duu, as Portable, who had a bitter fallout with him, allegedly collapsed when he heard the news.

Portable and Young Duu had a series of disputes and accusations in recent months, which led to Young Duu leaving the record label and returning the car that Portable bought for him.

Portable had claimed that he played a pivotal role in Young Duu’s success and demanded a huge sum of money from anyone who wanted to sign him.

He also accused Young Duu of being ungrateful, jealous, and bad luck. Young Duu, on the other hand, had not publicly responded to Portable’s allegations and had focused on his career.

The exact reasons behind their fallout are not clear, but some fans and followers have speculated that it might be due to creative differences, financial issues, or personal conflicts.

Young Duu seems to be on his path to greatness as he continues to strike more achievements daily.

He has not commented on Portable’s condition or the contract yet, but he is expected to release a new song soon.


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