Public reacts as Toyin Abraham denies arresting Twitter user’s mother

Public reacts as Toyin Abraham denies arresting Twitter user’s mother

By Muminat Ajide

Actress Toyin Abraham has denied allegations that she arrested a Twitter user’s mother.

The user had claimed on social media that Toyin unlawfully detained his mother, but she clarified that she merely filed a report with the cybercrime unit due to threats against her life and family.

Toyin explained that the user’s friend, Ayo, was arrested for alleged bullying and defamation.

She stressed that she did not initiate any action against the user’s mother, contrary to the accusations.

She also mentioned that she deleted related tweets after resolving the issue.

According to the Twitter user, his mother was taken from her shop to the Panti police station, but Abraham maintained that she was not involved in any arrests.

This incident has sparked widespread concerns about online bullying and harassment, prompting a broader discussion on the limits of free speech and responsible social media use.

Responding to criticism from a user named Danny, Toyin asserted her tolerance for insults directed at her but drew the line at attacks on her children and falsehoods.

Jeffery, another user, accused Toyin of apprehending his mother without cause, to which she responded that she did not arrest his mother. She clarified that her report to the cybercrime unit was in response to threats against her family and the bullying of her friend Ayo.

In another tweet, Uchenna questioned why Toyin deleted some of her tweets, to which she replied that there was no need to avoid addressing the matter directly.


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