Why President Muhammadu Buhari’s return is being delayed 

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Why President Muhammadu Buhari’s return is being delayed 

Prèsident Buhari’s absence from the country has continued to raise questions

An anonymous governor has revealed the real reason why President Muhammadu Buhari hasn’t returned to the country.

The state chief executive who was one of the governors that visited the ailing President in London last week has revealed that although Buhari is fine, he is being required to remain in London to gain more weight and physical strength.

“The truth is that the president is in a very fit state of mind. His sense of humour is back and the rate of recollection is encouraging with a very keen presence of mind. But I think the reason he has been asked to stay behind is to observe sufficient rest to be able to regain some more physical strength, away from his present gaunt look,” the Governor anonymously told Thisday.

He said further “you know, the problem is that the last time he was home, he barely attended public functions, including the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting as well as the Friday Ju’mat service, which he had been attending before he stopped showing presence. That created a lot of controversy as members of the public were genuinely worried.

“If you see him now, although he is still very lean and gaunt but sharp and smart, I mean, for his age. However, if he comes back now, he might still be staying back in the house and avoiding public functions. That again will elicit anxiety amongst the Nigerian people, so, he would take sufficient rest and return when he is certified fit to go home by his doctors.”

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