Nigerian Comedienne Ashmusy Reveals Shocking Reason for Quitting Nollywood 

Nigerian Comedienne Ashmusy Reveals Shocking Reason for Quitting Nollywood 

Latiifah Amusan


In an interview with renowned media personality Chude, Nigerian comedienne Ashmusy opened up about the distressing circumstances that led to her decision to step away from appearing in Nollywood movies.

The comedian disclosed that she chose to leave the industry due to the deeply disturbing issue of sexual harassment by certain producers.

Ashmusy shared that her journey in Nollywood took an unfortunate turn as she encountered producers who demanded sexual favors in exchange for casting her in films.

The comedienne recounted how these producers would discreetly invite her to secluded locations, causing her immense fear and anxiety about the potential for assault.

Disturbingly, some of these producers attempted to lure her with the promise of fame and stardom if she acquiesced to their inappropriate requests.

Ashmusy made it clear that she refused to compromise her integrity and self-respect for the sake of a movie role.

During the interview, Ashmusy stated, 

“I stopped acting in Nollywood because some producers always asked me to have s*x with them. They usually invite me to private rooms, and it got to the point that I had to escape from one of them because I was so scared of being r*ped. When I realized that it was becoming a constant thing in Nollywood, I decided to stop acting in movies because I cannot exchange my body for a movie role.”



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