#NewTrend: Read Why Are People Looking in Between Their Keyboards For Answers?


Muminat Ajide and Habeeb Ibrahim

Trends often start with a small group of influencers or early adopters who showcase a new idea, product, or behavior. Social media plays a huge role in amplifying these trends, allowing them to spread rapidly.

As more people see and engage with the trend online, it gains momentum and reaches a wider audience. The key factors that contribute to a trend catching on like wildfire include novelty, relatability, and the ability to evoke emotion or inspire curiosity. Eventually, as new trends emerge, the cycle continues

A trend is spreading on social media, encouraging users to participate in pointless activities regarding a trends which read “look between x,y, and z on your keyboard”.


Even though it’s annoying, the trend has grabbed the attention of many people on social media, especially on X platform (formerly Twitter).



The trend began when a user, @Daddyoyoyo, tweeted about Neo Akpofure, commonly known as Neo, who was previously in a relationship with Vee Iye, also known as Vee, a former housemate of Big Brother Naija.

Neo is currently dating Beauty Tukura, another former Big Brother Naija housemate.

The tweet read: ‘Neo anytime he looks between C and B on his keyboard.’humorously suggests that Neo will see ‘V’ (referring to Vee) whenever he looks between those keys This tweet sparked the trend, with other users joining in.”

The X platform formerly known as twitter also catch the trend fire stating on their official page”Look between Z and X on your keyboard Hiiiiii”.

@OnlyKhan warns in a tweet that he will block anyone who posts the trend again, saying: ‘If anyone’s tweet now comes on my wall saying to look for a letter between A, B, C… X, Y, Z, etc., I will press the buttons between V and N on your keyboard. Enough is Enough!'”

It seems like @OnlyKhan is frustrated with the trend and is threatening to press the “block” buttons (which are typically located between the “V” and “N” keys on a standard keyboard layout) on anyone who continues to post about it!


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