“How Did You Take the Picture After Being Warned Not to Bring Any Form of Electronic Gadget?”- JAMB


Habeeb Ibrahim

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has reacted to a post by a candidate, Gideon Anyebe, who lamented about experiencing a tough time making decisions in the exam hall due to two similar correct options in his UTME exam.

Gideon shared his concern on his social media handle, @GideonAnyebe1, saying, “Why do we have this kind of double answer? Can I get an explanation, please, and possible solutions?”

Gideon’s post attracted many responses, with some users criticizing him for taking a picture inside the UTME examination hall despite being warned not to bring electronic gadgets. @degemstone69 asked him a rhetorical question, “How were you able to smuggle your phone into the exam hall after several warnings? This is also criminal.” @MAYOR_DEY_FOR_YOU also responded, “Your life is spoiled… JAMB will soon investigate you.”

JAMB officially reacted to Gideon’s post on its social media page, @JAMBHQ, strongly rejecting the post and warning him that he would have to answer for his actions, which constitute examination malpractice. “This is not JAMB’s test delivery candidate’s view. Even if it were, you may have some questions to answer. How did you take the picture after being warned not to bring any form of electronic gadget to the UTME center?” JAMB wrote.

Gideon later clarified that he did not take his phone to the exam hall, explaining that the proof he posted was from an app used to tutor JAMB candidates. “This is an app used to program past questions, not an examination hall. I pray to avoid this, but it still happened to me today in the examination hall.”


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