New Visa Salary Thresholds Won’t Affect Established Families In UK 

New Visa Salary Thresholds Won’t Affect Established Families In UK 

Fawaz Adebisi

The United Kingdom Home Secretary, James Cleverly confirmed on Wednesday that individuals already settled in the UK won’t be affected by the new salary thresholds when renewing their visas.

According to The Standard, Cleverly emphasized that the proposed changes, aimed at reducing immigration figures, are “forward-looking rather than backward.”

Under the recently announced rules set to take effect next spring, individuals seeking to bring family members or partners from abroad will need to earn at least £38,700, more than double the current minimum income requirement of £18,700.

This threshold will also apply to those applying for Skilled Worker visas, requiring a minimum annual income of £26,200.

Amid concerns and uncertainties surrounding the application of these rules to both renewals and new applications, Cleverly assured clarity.

In an interview with LBC, he stated, “The proposals we put forward are forward-looking, not backward-looking. I have committed to providing a clear explainer of the implications for people who may be unsure or concerned.”

Responding to queries about the well-being of those earning under £38,700 with family members already in the UK, Cleverly affirmed, “Yes. This is forward-looking rather than backward.”

However, some families expressed distress over the potential consequences of the visa changes.

A British mother-of-two, sponsoring her Turkish husband, criticized the “obscene” nature of the policy, highlighting the severe impact on families facing potential separation.

Josephine Whitaker-Yilmaz, a policy and public affairs spokesperson for migrant charity Praxis, shared her concerns about the implications on British citizens’ rights to family life.

She questioned, “If the Government can do this to British citizens, curtail our rights to family life in this way, with a stroke of a pen, what’s next?”

While the Government has yet to provide full details of the visa changes, Cleverly’s assurance of a forthcoming explanation seeks to alleviate concerns and provide clarity to those affected.


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