All You Need To Know About NGO Bill Lawmakers Want To Use To Silent CSOs

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All You Need To Know About NGO Bill Lawmakers Want To Use To Silent CSOs


Before now, not many Nigerians know about a Bill that was sponsored in the House of Representatives even though it has passed it’s first reading, second reading and set for a public hearing after which a third reading will be required to make it as Law.

Some Human Rights activists however, have gotten hold of the content of the Bill and what it was proposed upon.

One of such activist is a renowned Human Rights lawyer, Professor Chidi Odinkalu who has gone to the length of making a clip showing vital content of the Bill and how it affects every Nigerians and organisations.

BlackBox Nigeria gathered that the proposed Bill was sponsored so as to curb the activities of Civil Society Organisations who also fall under the Non-Governmental Organisations, some of which have been questioning the take home of the lawmakers, thereby demanding for a slash in their salaries. It was learnt that when passed into Law, no NGO will be able to carry out any activity without the consent of the Executive arm in Abuja. The Bill has since been hit with criticisms.

On the other side, the lawmakers disclosed that the Bill is meant to curb crimes and fraudulent activities of some NGOs which have been linked to be sponsoring terrorism. The National Assembly disclosed that the Bill is sponsored to protect the interest of the nation as it over sees the spending of all non government organisations, thereby auditing every of it’s revenue and expenditures. It also disclosed that the oversight function will only cover civil society organisations, excluding religious groups.

See below for the comprehensive video of the content of the Bill…



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