#MuslimBan: Nigerians Has No Issue Over New Executive Order- Nig Consulate In New York

#MuslimBan: Nigerians Has No Issue Over New Executive Order- Nig Consulate In New York

The Nigeria Consulate in New York has revealed that the new executive order by President Donald Trump of the United States of America has no effect on Nigerian citizens. He noted that the ban on Muslims has some countries attached to it, which Nigeria is not among.

In a message sent by Mr Akinwunmi Rockson, an official of the Consulate, it was noted that Nigerian need not panic nor send message concerning the ban as it has no effect on the country.

He also warned that Nigerians should not take to the social media scene to speak against an order that has nothing to do with them.

He stated that the visa issuance relationship between the countries is still intact and Nigerians should desist from posting speculations for posting sake..

From Mr Akinkunmi Rockson of the Nigeria Consulate in New York.

Based on reciprocity of visa regime between our two countries, the Nigerian Diplomatic Mission and Consulates-General in the US issue two years multiple entry visas to the Americans traveling to Nigeria. There is no truth on the assertion to the effect that Nigeria issues six months visas to US citizens, that was in the past. There’s also no where in the executive order where the name of Nigeria is mentioned and as such, we should be very careful and desist from a situation where we drag our country’s name into  the fray that doesn’t concern us due to speculative postings and postings for posting’s sake

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