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Mall of Fame Holds Conference To Promote E-Tourism, E-Commerce As It Awards Stakeholders

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Mall of Fame Holds Conference To Promote E-Tourism, E-Commerce As It Awards Stakeholders 


A major promoter of tourism in Nigeria, Mall of Fame Nigeria is set to hold a 2-day conference to promote e-tourism, e-commerce and award stakeholders in the tourism stakeholder that have continued to project the sector. This revelation was made known at a press conference held today, January 31, 2022, at the Nordic Hotel in Victoria Island Lagos.


Speaking at the press briefing, the convener, Joseph Olugbenga Komolafe, said the Mall of Fame Nigeria’s E-Tourism Business and Award conference is a platform deliberately created to showcase the new trend in promoting tourism which is e-tourism and the role e-Commerce has played to this end while noting that E-Tourism is the next big thing to transform tourism in Nigeria.

Komolafe averred that despite inherent insecurity that is not peculiar to Nigeria, reportage of tourism related events through the use of modern technology and social media will drive interest in the industry. 


“Insecurity is afflicting our sector because tourism is about the movement, a conference of this nature is to drive consciousness by bringing together stakeholders and experts to brainstorm, share ideas and learn ways to enhance and promote the industry using contemporary techniques.

“It also involves promoting tourism exchange, which signifies collaboration between countries, this method will create a form of sensitisation for tourism practitioners in Nigeria to see the opportunities that abound “


Contributing to the press brief, a representative of Sterling Bank Plc, a major partner of the Tourism Conference, Abiola Adelana, said the commercial entity is partnering with the MoF specifically because of the yet to be explored potential of the tourism industry. She stated further that Bank is one of is not the only bank with a dedicated desk to promote tourism in Nigeria. 


“Tourism starts from the grassroots which we have tapped into. Our focus in partnering with Mall of Fame Nigeria is not just on giving financial assistance but to ensure businesses in the tourism sector flourish.


“Sterling bank is the only financial organisation heavily investing into the tourism sector in Nigeria, will seize this forum to also launch Adventure 360, giving access to lovers of tourism for patronage and promotion.


“Covid-19 pandemic opened a different channel to us and we’re happy to collaborate with this initiative with hopes to break even this industry,” Abiola Adelana said.


Also present at the press briefing is Quadri Kehinde from Africa Union who lauded the initiative,” this idea is clearly to introduce sustainable tourism, and the E-Tourism entails using the digital space to sell our culture, arts and heritage to the general public”


“It is about understanding what we have and what can take our tourism sector to the next level. Most of the things we see in Dubai are artificial, but here in Nigeria, we possess authentic components of tourism.


“Africa Union is collaborating with mall of fame Nigeria because the future is embedded in tourism and we must begin to cash in for our natural endowments to be more conspicuous,” Quadri Kehinde added


The 2-day physical and virtual conference scheduled for February 1 and 2, 2022, will feature special E-Tourism business awards for eminent personalities whose input in tourism has stimulated the growth of the industry.


Playing hosts to diplomats across Africa and abroad, the symposium involves panel sessions, deliberating on issues such as; Digitisation of All Tourism Platforms for National Planning & Nation Building (Case study of numerous Countries), Challenges of Sustainable Tourism in Developing Economies & international Grants Access (Case Study, Africa) and Medical Tourism Development/Reverse in Africa, and Collaboration with Developed Countries.


Other guest panels to be present at the BWC hotel for the conference includes; Nanna Yakubu, Bartola Mavric-Mustapha, Natasha Bowman, Asta Kirstin Sigurjonsdotti, Anne de Jong, Nigel Fell, Dmitriy Tin, Ashish Kumar, Hon Quadri Kehinde, Alessandra Priante, Hon Abdulbaq Ladi-Balogun, Tokunbo Sotinwa, Alessandra Priante and Anna Drodrowska


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