Lasu Legends Storm Old Hunting Ground As Coach Oliha Turns New Calendar

Lasu Legends Storm Old Hunting Ground As Coach Oliha Turns New Calendar

On Tuesday 24th August the football fraternity of the Lagos state university will be at a standstill as the legends who made their mark donning the institution’s colours return to their old hunting ground.

The Match is in commemoration of the birthday celebration of long-term Lasu school team gaffer Coach Omosheye aka Oliha.

The match will have 30 legends who have played with the school team at one time or other compete in a novelty match on the same field they made their name during their days in the institution.

The players have been divided into two teams, namely team Orange and team lemon. Former goal king Warrake Idris Abib will lead out team Lemon while former school team midfielder Chukwu Chidiebere will file out with team Orange.

Star man of team Lemon, Warrake Idris Abib describes the game as the best gift one can give to the coach on his birthday. He said, ” it will be nice having all those legends roll back the years and return to their old hunting ground, it is the greatest gift coach can receive on his birthday”.

Other players that will don the lemon legends jersey are Education safe hand Seyi, legendary defenders like Austin, Babatunde Ogabi but of Political Science, mercurial midfielder like Dapo of Social science, Oshun Ahmed of Management science, Chuks and Kunle of Education and goal mongers in the face of Warrake Abib, Azeez Mustapha both of social sciences to mention a few.

The lineup of the Orange team will feature Chukwu chidiebere of Social science, forward Paul kiddo of sciences, Pablo of engineering, Niyi, Abass, Lateef to mention just a few.

The match will kick off at exactly 10am at the Lasu sports centre on Tuesday 24th, August 2021.


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