Lagos RRS Arrests Ahmed Lateef ‘The Wonder Boy’ Who Have Robbed In Lagos, Ogun And Oyo States

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Lagos RRS Arrests Ahmed Lateef ‘The Wonder Boy’ Who Have Robbed In Lagos, Ogun And Oyo States

Lateef The Wonder Boy with the motorcylce after he was arrested in Lagos

The Rapid Response Squad attached to the Lagos State Police Command over the weekend arrested a young but dreaded robber, Ahmed Lateef who has been terrorising the State and environs. He was arrested in Oshodi on his way back from a robbery in Ogun State.

According to the official statement of the Police Unit, Lateef popularly called ‘The Wonder Boy’ left his home in Ibadan sometimes in 2011 and has up till date been robbing with different gangs who are based in Mushin area of Lagos.

Lateef’s accomplices in Police custody

In his confessional statement, Lateef admitted to have lost count of robbery operations he had participated in as he said buyers of their stolen items often fund them whenever they are going for operations and they happen to be broke.

Lateef was quoted to have said, “May God forgive me for all my sins. It is countless. I have robbed in Oyo, Ogun and Lagos. I started robbery in Ibadan before coming to Lagos,” he said.

“I have been involved in robbery of foreign currencies, jewellery, phones, laptops, motor cycles, tricycles etc. At least, I participate in robbery operations twice weekly with Enu-Ose.

Members of my gangs are: Esu-Erazor, Noah, Segun, Lekan, Ishan – Idi, Rilwan, Shile, Ikechukwu, Enu – Ose, Ege, Jandor, Koko, Bembella etc. We lodge in different hotels in Mushin paying between N3,500 to N7,000 daily per room”, he stated with tears rolling down from his eyes.

Unknown to Lateef, he has been on the watch list of the Lagos State Police Command after a robbery he led to Ejigbo went south and one of his accomplice was arrested in the process. He was however arrested on his way back to Lagos after going for a robbery in Kuto, Abeokuta where his partner, Enu-Ose had led them to operate.

Items Lateef listed to have stolen and sold include; tricycles, jewellery, laptops, phones, motorcycles, cash including foreign currencies.

While he was not so lucky in the grips of the RRS in Oshodi on Saturday, his two other accomplices managed to escape. The Police revealed that three of his gang members and two of their regular buyers are in custody as investigation continues.

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