Kogi APC Primary: Unending Patterns Of Manipulation As Gov Yahaya Bello Desperately Arm-twists Delegates To Vote Him

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Kogi APC Primary: Unending Patterns Of Manipulation As Gov Yahaya Bello Desperate To Arm-twist Delegates

Babatunde Ayokunle Irukera

After clearing Babatunde Ayokunle Irukera to contest in the primaries, delegates are being instructed to give papers to agents to write the names of the person they are voting, BlackBox Nigeria can report.

Without the delegates being allowed to write the name of their candidates, there are strong signal the incumbent Governor of Kogi State, Yahya Bello, is desperate to manipulate the process.

At yeaterday’s meeting where Yahaya Bellow was begging the Committee

It will be recalled that a committee was set up to handle the primary elections comprising of the Governor of Jigawa state and Governor of Kano state. However, BlackBox Nigeria gathered that Bello had to plead with Committee to carry out the elections today because any other day would have given his opponents opportunity to secure a court injunction to allow for more time.

As part of his scheming, Bello had ensure the disqualification of MONA AUDU and JIBRIL USMAN during the APC screening, knowing that the duo are major contender from the east with support of the majority of the delegates. The two have filed a case against APC.

Before now, in what seems like a James-Bond-like drama in Yagba West, Kogi state when governor Yahya’s political aid was allegedly caught on camera attempting to kidnap the Yagba West Chairperson to forcefully get a manipulated statement from him.

The governor had allegedly instructed his political aid to abduct the APC chairman, (Major) David .O. Samuel in other to obtain a statement that presents him in good-light.

Part of the document read “I strongly recommend Barrister Babatunde Ayokunle a native of Egbe, Yagba Local Government Area who has contributed immensely to the All Progressives party at all times since he joined in 2015, he contributed to the payment of rent for the party LGA Secretariat in Odo-Ere, also, payment of staff salaries in the party LGA Secretariat and shouldered the financial burden for the conduct of the State House of Assembly in 2019 General Elections”.

Major David, after gaining his freedom issued a disclaimer which countered all that was said in the bogus statement supposedly released by him in favor of Barrister Babatunde
“I want to draw the attention of the whole world to the letter and the purported signature that appeared on the said letter. It did not originate from me and should be completely disregarded, discountenanced, and not to be honored by members of the public or authority whatsoever.
“I wish to state clearly that I have never received a penny from Barrister Babatunde who claimed to have been responsible for the rent of the secretariat either directly or by proxy”, part of the disclaimer read.

Hours after the unfolded drama in political corridor of Ygba West, Kogi state, Governor Bello has been accused by some aspirants for today’s governorship primary in Kogi state for harboring intentions to manipulate the list of delegates for the primary election.
BlackBox Nigeria confirmed from a source that there is information which proves that the governor is working with some unnamed officials at the party’s national secretariat to alter the delegates’ list because of fears that some of them may not vote for him.
“Bello is afraid that more aspirants have been cleared to contest against him. He is no longer comfortable and so he is doing everything he can to manipulate the list of delegates and import names into the list”, the source claimed.
Further speaking, the source employed the party leaders to ensure a level-playing ground for all aspirants.

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