Key takeaways from Tinubu’s meeting at Chatham House in London

Key takeaways from Tinubu’s meeting at Chatham House in London

Promise Eze

Nigerian politicians do not fail to leave us with something to wag our tongues about.

On Monday the former Lagos Governor and the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was in the United Kingdom with his entourage to preach the gospel of ‘Renewed Hope’.

As part of activities in preparation for the 2023 poll, Tinubu expounded on his plans for security, economy and foreign policy at the UK’s elite foreign and policy think-tank institution, the Chatham House.

Here are a few things that happened that should interest you:

1. Tinubu’s jetting out to the UK comes barely a day before the presidential town hall meeting, organised by Arise TV, in partnership with Centre for Development and Democracy (CDD), to engage candidates from the four major political parties in the country.

Tinubu, while speaking at Chatham House said he rejected invitations to attend town hall meetings and debates because the organizers want to use him to make money.

  No be me dem go use make money


 2. Tinubu also asked his critics to request a DNA test to confirm the veracity of his paternal origin.

There has been controversy over the early days of the ruling APC presidential candidate in the 2023 general election.

Asked to clear the air on some of the issues surrounding his formative years, Tinubu said the question is “inquisitive but at the time of birth, I was dated March 29, 1952”.

“I’m not claiming another father, I am Tinubu and Tinubu proper. If they want a DNA, they could as well request from us. One of them has even been accused of not being a Nigerian citizen, I didn’t touch that area,” he added.

3. Tinubu was too shy to answer questions. At the end of his speech, attendees of the event asked the presidential candidate some questions, but to the surprise of many Nigerians, Tinubu nominated members of his team to answer some of the questions.

This arrangement did not go down well with one of the attendees, who asked Tinubu to answer the questions himself saying he is the one seeking the highest political office in Nigeria not members of his team.

Tinubu’s failure to personally respond to most of the questions directed at Chatham House has, however, sparked a conversation on social media as Nigerians wondered why the presidential candidate asked members of his campaign team to respond to the questions.

While some of his supporters on Twitter hailed him and announced their readiness to vote for him, others expressed disappointment in his performance.

I’m too shy. I don’t like talking too much in public 

Promise Eze is a journalist and creative writer with Blackbox Nigeria. Reach him via


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