Kamala Harris becomes first woman to be elected Vice President in US history

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Kamala Harris becomes first woman to be elected Vice President in US history

Democratic party vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris has emerged the first woman to be voted as the number two citizen of the United States in its 244 years of existence.
Kamala Harris’ emergence comes on the heels of the victory of former Vice President, Joe Biden who defeated incumbent Donald Trump to become the 46th elected president of the US.

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Before the Democrat’s victory, Kamala Harris had been described as the third female vice presidential candidate of a major political party after the late Geraldine Ferraro unsuccessfully ran alongside Walter Mondale in 1984. They were defeated by the then incumbent, Ronald Reagan who had a male running mate, George H. W. Bush.
Sarah Palin became the second female vice presidential nominee of a major political party when she ran alongside John McCain in the 2008 elections. The duo lost to Democrat’s Barack Obama who made history as the first African American to be elected President of America. Obama ran alongside Joe Biden who has now also been elected as the President.

Kamala Harris before her nomination was the Senator representing California in the US Senate. A lawyer by profession, she had previously served as the Attorney General of California before heading to the Senate.

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