Is This The Thanks I Get? Burna Boy Slams Nigerians For Not Appreciating Him

Is This The Thanks I Get? Burna Boy Slams Nigerians For Not Appreciating Him

Fawaz Adebisi

Renowned Nigerian artist and Grammy winner, Damini Ogulu, famously known as Burna Boy, has suggested that he doesn’t receive adequate appreciation from his fellow Nigerians, despite consistently bringing pride to the nation with his accomplishments.

He expressed frustration over the prevalent trend of not recognizing his significant musical contributions to the country.

Instead of acknowledging his invaluable efforts, he lamented that unfounded rumors circulate, such as the claim that his mother was once a dancer for the late Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti.

Additionally, Burna Boy pointed out the baseless speculation surrounding his lack of a baby mama, insinuating that this choice was attributed to impotency, unlike many of his peers.

Burna Boy, whose maternal grandfather, Benson Idonije, served as Fela Kuti’s initial manager, also vented his disappointment at Nigerians for conjecturing about an incident that occurred on June 8, 2022.

In this incident, his police escorts were allegedly involved in shooting at Ms. Steph Briella, her partner, and her best friend at Club Cubana on Victoria Island, Lagos.

He refuted the assumption that the incident was connected to an attempt on his part to take her away from her partner.

The self-proclaimed “African Giant” voiced these sentiments in his song “Thanks,” featuring J.Cole, from his latest album, “I Told Them,” which was unveiled on Thursday evening.

In the lyrics, he passionately sings; “Is this the m*ing thanks I get for making my people proud, every chance I get?

“It’s okay, I get. This Naija no love.

“They say my mama dance for Fela.

“They say I no get baby mama.

“They say I shoot person for Cubana because I want collect person woman…

“Is this the m***ing thanks I get? For making my people proud, every chance I get.”


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