Fashola’s Niece, Yewande, Ties the Knot with Posi Ogunlesi in Lagos


Habeeb Ibrahim 

Yewande Oluwabukola, the niece of former Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola, has married Olamiposi Rolando Ogunlesi in a beautiful ceremony held in Lagos.

Yewande’s father, Mr. Mojibola Oladisun Fashola, has sadly passed away. As a result, Babatunde Fashola, the ‘Olori Ebi’ (family head), represented the family at the wedding ceremony.

The traditional engagement took place at Five Palms Event Centre, located on Remi Olowude Street, Oniru, Lekki, Lagos, before the wedding.

As the bride, Yewande, shared in a heartfelt post: “From the Bride, Yewande: ‘Once upon a time, on a sunny day at Essex Uni, I attended an open day to explore the campus. As I strolled around, I suddenly bumped into a young man with a massive afro, as if we were back in the ’60s! Mistaking him for a childhood friend, I called out my friend’s name, only to be met with silence. My friend Shikemi, laughing, said, “I don’t think that’s the same person.” Shrugging it off, we continued our tour of the campus.’

“Fast forward a year, and I enrolled at the same University, with the afro encounter long forgotten. As I made friends and settled into uni life, I kept hearing about this guy named Posi. ‘You should meet Posi,’ they’d say, or ‘Have you met Posi yet?’ By the third person, I was like, ‘Whoa! Who is this Posi guy, and what’s so great about him?’ As fate would have it, I eventually met the famous Posi through a mutual friend at a get-together. And guess what? He was the same dude with the afro! Lol. He was just as kind as everyone had described! A true gentleman, Posi and I bonded over our shared experiences of having large families and numerous other things.”

Yewande also shared how Posi was there for her during a difficult time: “That year, however, was also a tragic one for me, as I lost my dad just a few weeks into starting school. Posi was there for me every step of the way, helping me laugh and stay positive.”

She concluded by sharing how far they’ve come: “Fast forward 10 years from the exact day I said yes to being his girlfriend (13.04.2014), I’ll soon be saying yes to being his wife (13.04.2024).”

The wedding was a grand affair with friends and family of the couple in attendance. Babatunde Fashola, the former governor, was present at the wedding, beaming with pride as he gave his niece away to her new husband.

The photographer, Samsavvyphotography, shared photos from the wedding on Instagram, capturing the joy and love shared by the newlyweds.


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