Ikorodu Division and Tinubu’s Presidency: Matters Arising

It is now safe to say the all-important presidential election in the history of our beloved nation is less than 48 hours away. The major front runners on the ballot are established and the Ikorodu division must choose a side.

Choosing a side to stand with will determine Ikorodu’s fate in the political dispensation and I make bold to say that the candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, BAT is that candidate that will enable Ikorodu Division to thrive. Asiwaju’s emergence as president is the catalyst we need to turbo-charge Ikorodu’s development.

On a national scale, the state of our dear nation requires stabilization and unification of all factions by a de-tribalized Nigerian that won’t address issues from religious or ethnic consideration but on objectivity. The only candidate that can ensure this from a proven track record is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Regardless of the current challenges faced as a nation, it would be hypocritical not to hail some of the gains achieved by the current administration of the ruling party. We need someone that can consolidate the gains achieved so far. Again, this can only be ensured by a presidential candidate in the person of BAT who has emphasized the need for continuity.

Back to the Ikorodu Division, the emergence of Asiwaju as president will continue to make Lagos the centrepiece of excellence with a possible approval of the special status for Lagos that will increase revenue from the federal government with a trickle-down effect on the Ikorodu division.

A Tinubu presidency will ensure that Ikorodu is well represented in taking up political appointments at the state and federal levels which helps to place Ikorodu strategically for rapid development. This is possible considering that we have several persons from Ikorodu surrounding the APC presidential candidate.

The growth of members of our division in the civil service will be ensured if Ikorodu with a population of over 1 million Lagostians votes for Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Politically, this will also foster the Ikorodu for Governor of Lagos agenda in the nearest future.

Going down memory lane, remember in 2003 as the Governor of Lagos State, Tinubu pushed for the creation of more local governments in Lagos that eventually will impact the Ikorodu division. Just imagine that it was approved by the government at the centre at the time, Ikorodu would have more local government than it currently does which means better representation at both the state and federal levels.

In light of the above, consider that Ikorodu Division with its massive population is further expanded to five local governments, which means 10 legislators already at the Lagos State House of Assembly. At the federal level too, this will mean that Ikorodu will have more Jimi Bensons at the National Assembly. Imagine what 2 or 3 Jimi Bensons will mean for Ikorodu Division.

To draw the curtain, it is not just enough to vote for Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu but to ensure Ikorodu Division does so overwhelmingly as getting it right politically will mean getting it right economically.

As a division both old and young let’s mobilize, canvas from base to base, clubs to clubs, streets to streets. We must see Tinubu Emergence as the Renewed Hope this time to foster development. We must as a division be the Tinubu in this Election and be the APC. We must see his presence as a tool to Renew the hopes and aspirations of the Ikorodu Division. We must remember where we are coming from, where we are, and where we are going. The days of our industrious sons…. Gbadamosi, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Anibabas, Alogba, Tos Benson is only an election away.

Olateju Azeez writes from Ikorodu


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