Letter To Soldier Man At 5: Even Though It Is Not Yet Uhuru, Find A Reason To Smile

Letter To Soldier Man At 5: Even Though It Is Not Yet Uhuru, Find A Reason To Smile


Dear Abdulmuqeet,

As much as I do not want to, this seems to be becoming a regular pattern of off-and-on writing as I try to keep up with the pace of messages. Unlike the letters to your brothers, yours seems to arrive with the odds, even though not initially planned. I crave your indulgence to let me stick to it as a reminder of my own failings. But why odd numbers instead of even numbers? A circumstantial lesson, I guess, telling me not everything does work as planned. A definition of the uncertainty of the times and the unevenness of our actions and thoughts and the inequality of our existence. Dear Son, learn early that the world is not balanced. It is a world of uneven balance with no pun intended.

In my little years of living, I have come to the understanding that there are often more than sides to every story, and the collaborations are a function of our interest in the stories. Remember, the darkness that makes the countryside appealing with beautiful night gazes at the moons and stars makes the city a hotbed of terror because it lacks light. To some, the darkness of the night is a friendly reassurance of an ending day, a time to take stock and hope for sparkles of sunshine on the receding morning dews. While to others, it is unnerving, hostile, and menacing, a reminder of their failings, of opportunities not annexed. To them, the night is like a prey on the good fortunes of the previous day threatening yet the arrival of another day.

Dear Tiwalade, nothing comes from wishing, for you must always guide your thoughts to a mission, a purpose, and a destination. Learn from me that planning can never go wrong but can only be insufficient. For me, the last two years have been years of tough decisions and strained budgets. Many times, the family lives off debts but shows up every morning with beautiful smiles. Mummy was never lazy, neither am I. We worked multiple gigs, waking every morning not being able to determine what the day holds but yet putting up smiles and extending hands of support as far as it can go. While we battle from within, we plan and show up for each other. Oftentimes, the plans failed, and our expectations were dashed, but we kept at it seeking support from those who could offer without being full of ourselves.

Dear Son, learn that you can not be self-sufficient. At some point in life, you would need supports, never be afraid to seek it, friends and family are created for a purpose, never let them waste on your false arrogance, because attaining your purpose takes more than your mere wishes. It was Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) who once said, “you must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, and find your eternity in each moment.” Son, find yourself in every moment and every person that surrounds you. Learn to take a piece from many places, the people around you are your materials to achieve your coat of many colours, if you miss them, you miss your opportunity to shine.

Dear Uhuru, Five is fantastic, a definition of God’s perfection in our fingers representing the sum of what we are in different heights, sizes and functions yet held firmly together with our palm of uniquely carved lines – our journey paths I called them. We see it every day, yet we can not determine where it leads.

Dear Son, never be ubiquitous even though you want to ride on every wave, learn to measure situations, resist the urge to please everyone even though you should be obedient but not to the extent of being a yes man, yes men are hardly regarded as men of great prospect. Learn to always take a stand and strive to be known and trusted. When people learn to trust you for your actions, they can count on you and you on them. Remember, you can only get what you give. This does not say many will not undermine you, but the good-hearted always triumph. Always appreciate years of humble beginnings.

Dear Son, sometimes back, I had the opportunity of holding a £50 note in my hand. Out of curiosity, I tried reading details on the bank note, and a very instructive message was steering me in the face, a message I shall pass across, and I want you to hold dearly. On the note was the portrait of a man called Alan Turing with a quote,“This Is Only a Foretaste of What Is To Come, and Only the Shadow of What Is Going To Be”. Turing was a major figure in computer science and a pioneer in artificial intelligence. The quote was made in response to a Manchester University project that built an electronic calculator referred to hyperbolically as a “mechanical mind” in an article published in June 1949 of “The Times” of London. Awed by the accomplishment that heralded the later years of artificial intelligence, Turing was telling of what to come when we persevere and improve on what we have even though he died in 1954 without witnessing the remarkable progress achieved in computer science during the remainder of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st.

Happy 5th Birthday AbdulMuqeet Mojeed-Sanni (Uhuru)
Happy 5th Birthday AbdulMuqeet Mojeed-Sanni (Uhuru)

Son, your today is a foretaste of what to come, I know you are showing traits of being independent minded and like to do things at your pace with straight face but the world is never a bed of thorns, never be hard on yourself, learn to mingle, smile and travel, much learning comes from meeting new people and new places. Remember, I love you dearly, I see you as the balance of your inquisitive elder brother and jovial younger brother. You are just my sweet in the middle.

For the record, let me reiterate it, that you are blue blooded, your great-great-grandmother was the first Erelu of Ikorodu, named Igbelegun daughter to Onadugba who himself was son to Rademo – the first Oba of Ikorodu Kingdom. Know it further that it was Igbelegun who birth Rotinwa, who then birth Odufejo, who birth Sonoiki who birthed Sanni-Tola who birthed Mojeed Akanbi Adeola Sanni (MAAS) who birthed Sulaimon Oyewole Alade Mojeed-Sanni who birthed you in the Year 2017. Know it, son. You are noble and royal at the same time.

With this new age should come some level of circumspect, evaluation and a reason to always smile. We aren’t from the best of the families, but we are satisfied with God’s mercy upon our family. We shall continue to strive to make things better. Like I often say, honour your mother always, for she has sacrificed a lot for us all, staying strong while we show weakness and holding on while everything seems falling apart. Love your brother, AbdulMuqsit Mojeed-Sanni (Ubuntu), protect your brother, AbdulMukthadir Mojeed-Sanni (Upendo) and never forsake your father for the wealth of experience and learning he brings to the table would do you many good.

There is no better way to welcome you to the 5th floor of existence than to forewarn you of the imperfections of the world you are growing into, you have to live every moment as it comes, learn to live with people’s disappointment and not meeting up with expectations. Remember son, as it is with them, it is with you for we are all imperfectly made. We are all in the end in God’s hands.

With much love from yours always, even though far from home, I am closer than you can imagine. Happy Birthday, Uhuru.

Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni


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