Hon. Toyin Fayinka Praised for Humility and Commitment to Public Service

Hon. Toyin Fayinka Praised for Humility and Commitment to Public Service

Hon. Toyin Fayinka, a Member-Elect House of Representatives from Mushin Federal Constituency II, has been lauded for his humility and commitment to public service.

In an emotional piece written by Comrade Quadri Olawale Afolabi, the 30th President of the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association at the Lagos State University, Fayinka was described as one who despite his high political influence in Lagos State, he remains humble and down-to-earth, with a personal story of rising from a poor background to achieve success.

Read the piece below:

“The personality of Hon. Toyin Fayinka, a Member-Elect House of Representatives Mushin Federal Constituency II is not only one of a kind but also one in a million. This article is written in appreciation of his invaluable service to humanity and as such will talk about the impeccable attributes of the great political extraordinaire.

“It will be a great surprise to see someone of a very high political influence not only in Mushin Local Government but also in Lagos State as a whole, being as humble as Hon. Toyin Fayinka. He had a very poor background as a native of Oyo state who migrated into Lagos State with all he had then contained in a polythene bag, 30 years ago. However, he didn’t allow this to have an adverse effect on his promising mindset of becoming a force to reckon with in the political realm of Lagos State.

“Talking about his humility and commitment to public service, the highest level of it was displayed by him yesterday 10th of May 2023, as he was invited as the guest speaker by the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association under the influence of a Lecturer of English language in the faculty who happened to be his lecturer in a degree programme he just enrolled for in Lagos State University. His meekness towards Dr. Ganiu Bamgbose (Dr GAB) who is apparently younger than him is a talk for another great day.

“To the surprise of the facilitator (Dr. GAB) and the entire students’ association was the fact that the Guest lecturer was, in the early hours of the event day, still at Abuja after a sleepless night of a meeting with his fellow representatives. Hon. Toyin Fayinka, in the middle of this tight schedule, managed his way to Lagos and maneuvered his way to Lagos State University for the event.

“His words of encouragement outweighed every scale of measurement. Beyond his utterances on the topic of discourse “The importance of knowledge”, his actions already spoke loudly on how so much knowledge has impacted him positively. In his words, he said “A man who asks questions is ignorant only for that minute, and the one who doesn’t ask will remain ignorant.” Further, he quoted the great scientist, Socrates to have said “know thyself” meaning that having the full knowledge about yourself would galvanize your interest in knowing what is around you.

“Hon. Toyin Fayinka also had his religious lifestyle depicted in his dealing; this is obvious in our online conversations so much so that whenever I remind him about the event, he replies with “God’s willing”. He prayed after the event for all students in attendance in accordance with his christian belief, not leaving aside that of Islam as he mentioned that he has been a beneficiary of one of the great Muslims he knew who is now of a blessed memory in person of the father of the incumbent deputy governor of Lagos State, Mr Quadri Hamzat.

“Lastly about him is to add that he is not only a man who is generous in kind but also in cash too. He donated to the association for the well-planned program.

“The students of the Faculty prayed to Almighty ease his affairs and make many amongst us his examples.”


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