Going After Your Accusers With Police Is Wrong, Social Critic Tells Nathaniel Bassey

Going After Your Accusers With Police Is Wrong, Social Critic Tells Nathaniel Bassey


As social critic, Agba Jalingo has waded into the issue of alleged adultery involving  Popular gospel minister, Nathaniel Bassey and another popular gospel music minister Mercy Chinwo Blessed, stating that going after those who alleged him via social media with the police is wrong.

“Some people came online to run their mouths erroneously about you, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey and alleged adultery against you, a respected gospel minister. I sincerely understand how depressing that can be and I support your effort to seek justice 100 per cent. But you are going about it the wrong way. You are behaving like the usual Nigerian big man in a hurry to punish the weak because you feel offende,” Agba Jalingo wrote on his Facebook wall.

He went further to state the matter should be a civil case and not state that should involve the police..

“Why did you have to bring in the Police? There is only one answer. The desire to intimidate. I will explain. The fundamental difference between a civil case and a criminal case is that, a criminal case involves a crime against the State, while a civil case is essentially a dispute between private parties. When a citizen commits a crime against the State, that’s the only time law enforcement agents move in, to investigate and prosecute the offender. If a dispute or offence happens between two or more individuals, it is not the business of law enforcement agents. It is a civil matter,” he added in the post.

Popular gospel minister, Nathaniel Bassey, earlier had petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kayode Egbetokun, over allegations that he fathered Mercy Chinwo’s son. In his petition, Bassey urged the IGP to investigate and prosecute four persons whom he accused of criminal defamation and cyberstalking. The singer submitted the petition on  1 April,  2024, through his lawyers, Peter Abraham, Uche Matthew, Gbenga Agunloye and Anthony Abia.

It will be recalled that last week, four social media users namely; Okoronkwo Ejike, Kingsley Ibeh, Terrence Ekot and Dj Spoiltkid had alleged that Bassey fathered the son of the popular gospel singer, an allegation that went viral on X with the post going viral.

Though noting the gravity of the allegations, Agba maintained that if Bassey felt offended, he should use his lawyer to bring the matter before the court.

“The person who feels offended simply needs to call his or her lawyer and proceed to file a civil matter in the high court against anyone who has offended or defamed you. Lawyers have argued and evidently too, that there are more than one hundred judgements against this reckless behavior where security agents are invited to interlope in civil matters and oftentimes, complicate them. But unfortunately, the Police especially, have shamelessly refused to recuse themselves from these interference and continue to make themselves available for whoever has the funds to mobilize them.

“Nathaniel Bassey, you feel aggrieved that your hard earned reputation has been impugned and you are absolutely correct. And you deserve justice. But your reputation does not belong to the State. It is your personal reputation. It is an issue between you and private individuals. You seek redress by dragging whoever impugned your reputation to a court and claiming damages. It has nothing to do with the Police or any other security agency, inviting or arresting, detaining, questioning and investigating anyone. That is simply a show of power and intimidation because you feel you have been hurt.”


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