Beware of Nollywood Actors,Social Influencer Issues Warning to Air Peace Owner

Beware of Nollywood Actors,Social Influencer Issues Warning to Air Peace Owner


A social influencer Kayode Badmus, has  issued a warning to Allen Onyema, the owner of Air Peace, to be wary of the intentions of certain Nollywood actors who are allegedly seeking to exploit his airline’s new Lagos to London route amidst the accolades the venture has received.

Badmus expressed concerns that some individuals within the entertainment industry may not have the airline’s best interests at heart and could potentially jeopardize its reputation and success. He referenced the downfall of Arik Air, once a leading airline in Nigeria, which he attributed to greed and lack of professionalism.

Following its inaugural flight to London on Saturday with 260 passengers aboard a Boeing 777 with 274 seating capacity, the  influencer specifically singled out Nollywood actors, cautioning against their involvement with Air Peace. He suggested that some actors who previously received favors from Arik Air, such as free tickets and sponsorship for their projects, failed to provide constructive feedback or support to the airline during its challenges.

Badmus urged Allen Onyema to exercise caution and not be swayed by flattery or false support from individuals who may have ulterior motives. He advised the airline owner to remain vigilant and prioritize the best interests of Air Peace, even in the face of pressure or influence from external parties.

“Allen Onyema of Air Peace has to be very careful with all these accolades he is getting from everywhere, some of those who are now in romance with his airline are out to ruin him. Deep down, they are not even happy something is working once again in Nigeria.

“Once upon a time, Arik Air was the choice airline to New York, London, Johannesburg and several African cities but greed and lack of professionalism was its bane.

“You see those Nollywood aunties, fear them o.

The same set of people who got money to produce their movies and free tickets to NY and London that year from Arik but wouldn’t give any progressive feedback or positive advice that could have helped the airline, they are back now and in bed with Air Peace.

If you open your eyes, you will already see them journeying about on Mr Onyeama’s bills,” Kayode Badmus wrote on his Facebook page.


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