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France appoints first female Prime Minister in over three decades

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Sulaimon Jamiu

History was made in France on Monday after President Emmanuel Macron named Labour Minister, Elisabeth Borne as his new Prime Minister.

Borne becomes the first woman to head the French government in over 30 years, replacing Jean Castex whose resignation was expected amid preparations for a new government in the wake of Macron’s re-election in April.

She will be the first woman named as prime minister since Edith Cresson briefly occupied the office during the presidency of Socialist leader Francois Mitterrand in the early 1990s.

The 61-year-old is adjudged by many as an able technocrat who can negotiate prudently with unions, as the president embarks on a new package of social reforms in the country.

Speaking after her appointment, Borne noted the emotions she felt at being selected for the highest office a woman has ever held in French political leadership.

“I would like to dedicate this nomination to all the little girls by telling them Go after your dreams!’ Nothing should stop the fight for the place of women in our society,” she said in her inauguration speech.

Macron and Borne are expected to appoint a new French government in the coming days, as the former’s first mission will be to make sure that Macron’s centrist party and its allies do well in France’s parliamentary election in June.

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