US mid-term election holds today

US mid-term election holds today

Promise Eze

Eligible American voters on Tuesday, trooped out to vote in a crucial midterm election which could have either positive or negative effects on the final two years of President Joe Biden’s presidency.

The first polls will determine the makeup of the next Congress and set the tone for the remainder of President Joe Biden’s term in the White House.

Political analysts are of the view that voters will determine the fates of majorities in the US House of Representatives and Senate and decide numerous governorships as well as other important offices.

The vote on Tuesday comes as Americans grapple with sky-high inflation and living costs, and the economy has emerged as the top concern among supporters of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

An analyst with the CNN said voters may punish the Democrats who are currently in control of the White House and Congress, against the backdrop of surging inflation and headwinds for the economy.

“The party in power traditionally suffers losses in the midterms,” he said while critically analysing the way votes could go.

“If the Democrats lose their majority in Congress, Republicans will likely block a majority of Mr Biden’s policies until the next presidential election in November 2024.

“Opinion polls have also indicated that the House of Representatives is likely to go to the Republicans, while a close race is expected in the Senate,” he added.


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