Fire At Beyoncé And Jay Z’s New Orleans Mansion Investigated As Possible Arson (Photos)

Fire At Beyoncé And Jay Z’s New Orleans Mansion Investigated As Possible Arson (Photos)



A probable arson investigation is still ongoing after a fire broke out at a property believed to belong to Beyoncé and Jay Z.

The New Orleans Police Department confirmed that a suspicious person was seen in the area around 6.20 p.m. on Wednesday, July 21, when the fire was believed to have started.


The fire on New Orleans’ 1500 block of Harmony Street appeared to have started in the kitchen.

It was reported that firemen located books inside an oven, as well as a gas can on the premises.

Police believe someone broke into the house shortly before the fire, according to a neighbor.The fire took 22 firefighters almost two hours to put out.

A man was observed rushing away from the property, according to reports.


August Arther said: “I was walking around the corner with my dog… and I saw a lot of smoke coming out.

“My neighbour around the corner, she saw a dude jump over the fence on the backside of Harmony and Eigth.”

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were seen at the property on July 22.

“If they didn’t get there when they did, it could have been much worse. It’s a historic home,” a fire department spokesperson told the New York Post.

According to research the beautiful home, worth an estimated $2.4 million, has been owned by Sugarcane Park LLC, a management firm run by Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles, since 2015.It measures 15,200 square feet and contains six bedrooms and six and a half baths.

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