Drama as Wofai Fada’s in-laws disapprove wedding ceremony with their son, Taiwo Cole

Drama as Wofai Fada’s in-laws disapprove wedding ceremony with their son, Taiwo Cole

By Muminat Ajide


It’s a mixture of emotions for popular skitmaker turned entrepreneur, Woifa Fada as the expected joy from her recently announced engagement and marriage plans have now been dimmed by what is fast becoming a scandal.

Fans and other observers woke up to the joyful news of the actress’ engagement on Saturday with the release of beautiful pre-wedding pictures which got her congratulatory messages from everywhere. Shortly after, the wedding invitation card of the couple was also leaked in the media which got even more people excited for Wofai who now runs a food outlet in Lagos.

The excitement was however short lived as a disclaimer soon came from the family of her would-be husband, Taiwo Cole saying they have in no way approved of the wedding.

In a statement released on Saturday to disclaim the marriage, it was emphasized that the Cole family of Victoria Island, Lagos, does not recognize any individuals claiming affiliation with the Cole heritage based on this event and that all publications and documents being circulated about this are to be disregarded

Also, In a recorded phone conversation with Taiwo’s father, Kunle Cole, he outlined several reasons for disavowing the marriage. He mentioned that his son is 30 years old while Wofai is 38, and expressed surprise at their traditional wedding as he last saw Wofai in February, with the wedding occurring in May, without his consent.

The older Cole also emphasised that his son had responsibilities which he has proven incapable of taking care of. This according to him include the welfare of his 5-year-old child in the United Kingdom

Additionally, Mr Cole insisted on the importance of adhering to the protocols of the Cole family, stating that this was necessary because they are royalty with connections to the Oniru and Alake royal families.

The hitherto unknown Taiwo Cole has now become one of the most talked about persons in Nigeria following this uproar.
Amidst the controversy, he took to his social media platform to announce his decision to go ahead with the union irrespective of whose ox is gored.
“I’ve found a good wife, and there’s no turning back”, he posted.


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