Even Women Are “Beasts”

Even Women Are “Beasts”


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Calling a person a BEAST in an antagonistic way,likens them to a monster and implies that they behave in a crude, brutish and animalistic way.

Often a time , we hear about stories of a man pulverize his wife mercilessly, maltreating her and making her to do all sort of nonsense.

We have a few young women who are into drugs, some are domineering, always wanting to flex muscles with their man because they don’t want to feel like a push over .

In this article , I will talk about the causes and solutions of women being BEASTS.

Women who grew up with violent fathers, who even witnessed their fathers brutalizing their mothers, would not want to feel restrained by any man . Such women tend to do everything within their power to be able to confront their men , such women would have no sign of tolerance and listening ears , they would feel they cannot let whatever galoshes to their mother repeat itself in their lives. When you observe this women they have heavy hearts and would not tolerate a NO for an answer . This results to violent behaviors like that of a BEAST.

Let’s talk about CONTROL. Some women attempt to control their partners . In (2003)it was founded that 38% of women stated that they had threatened to use violence to make their partners do the things they wanted him to do. In (2006)Stuart, Moore et al.’s sample of women arrested indicated that ‘to feel more powerful’ was a motive 26% of the time; other control-related motives included to get control over your partner, 22% to get your partner to do something or stop doing something, and 22% to make your partner agree with you. Similarly, Follingstad Wright, Lloyd, and Sebastian (1991) found that 22% of college women said they used violence to get control over their partner, while 12% agreed that “I feel personally empowered when I behave aggressively against my partner” Fiebert & Gonzalez, 1997).

While some individuals use AGGRESSION to increase their feelings of control and power, others attribute their aggression to a lack of control over their emotions and themselves (Thomas, 2005). For example, women who were arrested in Stuart, Moore et al.’s (2006) study endorsed reasons for aggression related to losing self-control, including that your partner provoked you or pushed you over the edge’ and because you didn’t know what to do with your feelings. (reported 39% and 35% of the time, respectively).

JEALOUSY is another common motive for women being BEASTS. Follingstad et al.’s (1991) college population indicated that 9% of women attributed their aggression toward their partners to jealousy, and Bookwala, Frieze, Smith, and Ryan’s (1992) study of college women found that jealousy was a significant predictor of women .Women who were arrested indicated that because you were jealous,because your partner cheated on you, and to prove you love your partner. motivated their violence 25%, 25%, and 27% of the time, respectively (Stuart, Moore et al., 2006).

Conclusively, women should be provided with emotional support ,they should be assisted with assertive training and; encouraged towards becoming economically and otherwise independent.
A consistent and firm Penalties should be enforced for any sort of Domestic.


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