Despite Ban, Fan Spends £150 on Alcohol From World Cup Countries

Despite Ban, Fan Spends £150 on Alcohol From World Cup Countries




Fawaz Adebisi


A British Man, Gus Hully, from Cheltenham Town, has spent £150 to get a taste beer of every nation participating in the World Cup, despite ban of Alcohol by Qatar.

Recall on Friday, November 18, 2022, the Qatari authority banned the sale of alcoholic beer at World Cup stadiums and surrounding areas during the FIFA world cup.

Also recall in 2018, Hully, 35, completed an epic challenge, purchasing a beer from all 32 participating countries in the 2018 World Cup, drinking the native, corresponding beer of each country that got eliminated.

In the same vein, he has lunched another one for the 2022 World Cup, as he had bought alcohols from all 32 countries participating in the World Cup.

Hully revealed this through his twitter account, stating, “A can beer from all 32 countries playing at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Here we go!”

The countries and beers he bought from them are; Argentina – Quilmes, Australia – Cooper’s Red Ale, Belgium – Chimay Blue
Brazil – Antarctica, Cameroon – Beaufort Light, Canada – Moosehead, Costa Rica – Imperial, Croatia – Karlovacko, Denmark – FAXE, Ecuador – Pilsener, England – Camden Hells, France – Kronenbourg 1664, Germany – Spaten Oktoberfest, Ghana – Club, Iran – Istak
Japan – Hitachino Red Rice Ale, Mexico – Modelo, Morocco – Casablanca, Netherlands – Bavaria, Poland – Tyskie, Portugal – Super Bock, Qatar – Fizzin Melon, Saudi Arabia – Hillsburg Honey, Senegal – La Gazelle, Serbia – Lav, South Korea – Cass, Spain – Estrella Galicia, Switzerland – 1936, Tunisia – Celtia, Uruguay – Patricia, USA – Miller High Life, Wales – Bale Lager.

He however said, the winner of the 2022 World Cup would either be Argentina or Brazil, stressing that he wished England wins.

“I really want it to be England, it’s probably going to be Antarctica from Brazil.

“The team’s good, the form’s good and I think the climate’s going to suit them better than all the European teams.

“It’s probably going to be Brazil, if not Argentina!”


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