Okowa’s Administration Is Using Unique Methods To Solve Healthcare Problems, Media Aide

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Okowa’s Administration Is Using Unique Methods To Solve Healthcare Problems, Media Aide



The Special Assistant on New Media to the Governor of Delta State, Veronica Abang has explained that the Dr Ifeanyi Okowa’s administration is using a tailored-fit solution in redefining the State’s health sector.

While speaking at a 1-day forum focused on identifying the digital technology that is needed to attain Universal Health coverage, Ms Abang revealed that a special framework designed by Delta State Government has helped to deploy healthcare facilities to communities in inaccessible areas of the State.

She also disclosed that Okowa’s administration has been able to identify areas that have poor connectivity and provided them with network boosters and also creating alternative systems for areas yet to be covered with mobile networks. She noted that one of the major challenges of digital health in Africa is the inability to access data and deployment of facilities to all remote areas.

She said, “Delta State has been able to deploy ICT infrastructure that work online and offline to these hard to reach communities; we have been able to provide network boosters for areas with poor connectivity and alternative systems for areas with no connectivity.

“Delta State, under Governor Okowa has solved its problems by creating solutions that suit our environment; as opposed to borrowing solutions that are designed for other environments. This is exactly what has made us to stand out.”

Ms Abang added that the State’s Contributory Health Commission Scheme as last assessment has over 660,000 residents registered in the programme. The Media aide explained that the health scheme has left its pilot phase and now doing so well covering the people’s health needs. She added that the Governor is already concluding plans to enlist senior citizens and physically challenged persons as children (below age 5) and pregnant women are currently enrolled on the scheme.


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