CPN Nigeria Commends Teachers on World Teachers’ Day; Launches the Teachers’ Shield Award

CPN Nigeria Commends Teachers on World Teachers’ Day; Launches the Teachers’ Shield Award

Child Protection Network (CPN) Nigeria is pleased to celebrate World Teachers’ Day, a day dedicated to recognising and appreciating teachers’ contributions to shaping children’s future.

In a world where education is the cornerstone of holistic child development, we are grateful to teachers for their unwavering commitment and dedication.

Teachers, as the torchbearers of knowledge, play a pivotal role in nurturing the minds and spirits of our young ones.

They are instrumental in imparting academic wisdom, values, morals, and the importance of a safe and nurturing environment. CPN Nigeria acknowledges and appreciates your efforts in ensuring the holistic development of our children.

In line with our mission to ensure the well-being of every child and our tireless efforts to create safe and nurturing environments for children to grow, learn and thrive, CPN Nigeria is excited to announce the launch of the Teachers’ Shield Award (TSA).

This prestigious award aims to recognise and celebrate outstanding teachers who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to contribute to child protection and safeguarding children within the school environment.

The Teachers’ Shield Award (TSA) will honour educators who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to creating a safe and nurturing environment for children to thrive.

These teachers have complied with child protection ethics and standards, embraced positive ways of disciplining children, promoted and advocated strongly for the rights and welfare of children, and actively worked towards eradicating child abuse, child exploitation and violence against children from educational settings.

We invite nominations from teachers, parents, students, and the community to identify and nominate teachers who have exemplified the values of the Teachers’ Shield Award.

The selected awardees will not only receive recognition but also serve as beacons of inspiration for educators across Nigeria.

CPN Nigeria believes celebrating and honouring outstanding teachers will inspire positive change in education and further advance our mission of holistic child protection and child development.

As we commemorate this year’s World Teachers’ Day, we acknowledge teachers’ incredible impact on our society and their role in shaping our children’s future. CPN Nigeria is proud to stand alongside teachers in this noble journey towards creating a safer and more nurturing educational environment for all children.

For more information about the Teachers’ Shield Award and the nomination process, please visit https://bit.ly/cpnteachersshieldaward or contact any of these numbers – 07036415679, 07034830282, 07032216259.

Child Protection Network (CPN) Nigeria, a brainchild of UNICEF under the supervision of Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, is a coalition of state and non-state actors in Nigeria saddled with the responsibilities of protecting the rights of children as well as keeping every child in Nigeria safe from abuse, violence and exploitation.



Olakunle Sanni

(The Child Protector)

National Coordinator,

Child Protection Network Nigeria



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