Court Begins Secret Trial Of Nnamdi Kanu, Three Others, Locks Out Journalists

Court Begins Secret Trial Of Nnamdi Kanu, Three Others, Locks Out Journalists

Journalists were yesterday prevented from gaining entrance into the court premises where the trial of detained Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu was held, Naij reports.

Some of the journalists who arrived at the court premises said that they were at the venue as early as 7.30 am.

“We have been here since 7.30 am and they said we can not go in there unless we have the Federal High Court tag,” Abraham Achida, a photojournalist said.

A security officer (dressed in mufti), when asked why journalist were barred from entering, said the Federal High Court tags were needed by all those who would want to gain access into the court today.

Meanwhile, journalists said for over two years they have applied for the tags without any action taken by the court on the matter.

“I have applied three times since 2015, no action on the press card and now they want to punish us for their laxity,” another journalist said.

However, contrary to the claim by the security operative, it was observed some persons and even journalists without the said tags were allowed in court.

When asked why selected persons were allowed entrance while others were being denied, he however gave no cogent reason why some people without tags were allowed and others denied access.

Kanu is facing trial for treasonable felony, mismanagement of an unlawful society and concealing of goods in a container.

He is facing charges alongside three others before Justice Binta Nyako who had in December ruled that Department of State Security witnesses testify against the defendants be protected.

Sixteen members of the European Union Parliament have called for the immediate release of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamadi Kanu.

The EU parliamentarians in a joint letter to the European Union High Commission also urged the commission to take action on human rights abuses against members of the IPOB.

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