Controversy Surrounding the Tragic Death of Police Cadet at Nigeria Police Academy

Controversy Surrounding the Tragic Death of Police Cadet at Nigeria Police Academy

Latiifah Amusan


In a tragic incident at the Nigeria Police Academy in Wudil, Kano State, A.S. Jika, a 100-level police cadet, lost his life on Saturday after reportedly suffering from starvation and malnourishment for over two week.

Cadets have accused the academy’s Commandant, Assistant Inspector-General Sadiq Abubakar, of mismanaging feeding allowances and running the academy with a heavy hand.

Jika, a young student from Adamawa State, was pursuing a degree in Computer Science when he collapsed in the academy’s toilet and subsequently passed away.

According to anonymous sources among the cadets, Jika did not receive prompt medical attention due to the unavailability of drugs and medical officers in the poorly equipped clinic.

Cadets and staff members have raised concerns about the quality of food provided, alleging that it is inadequate and of poor quality.

They claim that the situation has led to cadets collapsing during training due to fatigue and malnutrition. Furthermore, the commandant’s alleged closure of the market and imposition of undeserved training exercises during lecture hours have exacerbated the situation.

Staff members have also expressed discontent regarding the monthly feeding allowance, suggesting that some funds are being diverted for personal gain by higher-ranking officials within the academy.

Concerns have been raised about the treatment of cadets and the alleged negligence of the academy’s medical staff.

Cadets reveal that seeking medical attention at the academy’s clinic can result in dismissal or suspension, causing sick cadets to hide their illnesses until they become critical.

The commandant is accused of being inhumane in his approach to administering the academy, reducing cadets’ feeding rations, and imposing restrictions such as banning the use of phones.

The statement issued by the academy claims that Jika passed away after a brief illness and that he had received medical attention, but doubts persist among cadets and staff.

The tragic incident has shone a spotlight on the challenges faced by police cadets and the need for transparency and accountability within the Nigeria Police Academy. 


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