Comedian AY Denies Mocking Seun Kuti’s Daughter, Defends Skit as Social Commentary

Comedian AY Denies Mocking Seun Kuti’s Daughter, Defends Skit as Social Commentary

Latiifah Amusan


Amid a brewing controversy, popular Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun, commonly known as AY, has firmly denied allegations made by afrobeat singer Seun Kuti that he portrayed Kuti’s daughter as a dog in a satirical skit.

The dispute emerged after Kuti accused AY of mocking him following a fire incident at his home due to the skit in question.

AY took to Instagram to address these allegations, stressing that the dog featured in the skit was not intended to represent Seun Kuti’s child.

Instead, it was a metaphor for Guinness World Record holder Hilda Baci, who was trending at the time for consuming dog meat.

He expressed his deep respect for children, explaining,

“I love children. So, the minute you referred to the skit I did addressing your baby as a dog, I just felt the need to address this. I’m one human being who looked for a child for 13 years. I don’t think I will find myself in the position to mock a child and refer to that child as a dog.”

AY clarified that his skits are a reflection of trending issues, and he mentioned Hilda Baci in the video due to her association with the trending topic of eating dog meat, not Seun Kuti’s child.

Seun Kuti, however, remains unconvinced by AY’s explanation, expressing his discontent with the comedian’s actions on his Instagram page. He criticized AY’s response, emphasizing that the timing and meaning of the skit were clear to him, and asserted that AY had made a “dick move.”



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