Chef Dammy Alleges Threats from Pastor Who Funded Her Cook-A-Thon

Chef Dammy Alleges Threats from Pastor Who Funded Her Cook-A-Thon

Latiifah Amusan


 Damilola Adeparusi, widely known as Chef Dammy, has come forward to accuse her pastor, Adegoke Jeremiah, also known as “Billion Dollars Prophet,” of threatening her life.

She insists that he should be held responsible if anything untoward happens to her.

Living in constant fear and narrowly escaping a recent life-threatening incident, Chef Dammy has shared her harrowing experience.

After her successful cook-a-thon event, she claims to have endured months of harassment, curses, and ridicule from various individuals who identify themselves as “men of God.”

Taking to her Instagram account, Chef Dammy expressed her determination to reveal the complete story during an upcoming interview in Lagos.

She hinted at forthcoming revelations and indicated her readiness to speak candidly about her ordeal. 

In a startling statement, she wrote,

“But in case anything happens to me; Adegoke Jeremiah A.K.A Billion Dollars Prophet, hold him responsible, he told me to prepare for war and we are both on it.”

Chef Dammy left the Spirit World Mission church following her cookathon event, which had been held earlier this year.

Ajewole Samuel, who was part of the cooking marathon, spoke with to  challenge Chef Dammy’s claims.

He emphasized that there was no evidence to support her allegations and insisted that she left the church in June.

Samuel said,

“Everything she said yesterday was all lies. She left the church since in Since then, and nobody has been in contact with her. It’s over 4 months now. So how come she came about all the lies and false claims she put out there yesterday? I need her to come out with the evidence of it, who said and who said it. She said all without evidence. This is all lies.”

When asked about the reasons for Chef Dammy’s departure, Samuel stated that it was a decision made by her, with the specific details known only to her.

He also clarified that the alleged issues between Chef Dammy and Pastor Adegoke Jeremiah were unrelated to the funds raised during the cookathon, as all the money had been in her account. 



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