Birthday Message To Mujidah Mojeed-Sanni: The Head Has A Soul By Sulaimon

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Birthday Message To Mujidah Mojeed-Sanni: The Head Has A Soul By Sulaimon


Dear Molola,

Permit me to in this short note thank you profusely for the commitments, beliefs, dedication and most importantly prayers you have invested in our nascent marriage. Looking from the prisms of our relationship and sacrifices, I can tell it is one huge task managing a home and can see reasons why the Islamic doctrine asserts that leadership positions should only be given to married folks. The daily retinue of combining love with childbearing, crisis management, prudent spending, planning, futuristic thinking, unplanned occurrences, and conflict resolution requires not mere intelligence but the broad spectrum of contemporary human relations skills like social intelligence and emotional intelligence.

Mujidah Mojeed-Sanni (nee Amusa) the soul of Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

Every marriage has its troubleshooting season particularly amongst young marriages who make dedicated efforts to bond to each other after the usual funfair. Often times, this early years of marriage looks like the most difficult because the sparks of love begin to wane due to over availability of the two strange fellows with diverse background and parenting now locked forever under one roof. At this time, the individuals concerned try to reassert their persons in the for-better-for-worse arrangement by gradually coming out of their shells to the surprise of their partners who thought they knew them. And when marriage to a man of hyperactive nature is added to the mix, one can only imagine the depth of patience the woman must exhibit. Thank God I found in you Molola my perfect shock absorber.

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Even though a man is deemed the head of the family, no head functions appropriately without a soul. For me, you have been the perfect oil greasing my engine, the perfect brake pad creating the desired friction when I embark on my heaven-must-fall races. Often times, when things don’t work as planned and I want to quit, you are always there with the right words, the right counsel and support base. Though these things might look routine, only I can tell how those actions have propelled me to move ahead. Without you being the soul of my head, my head today would be wandering in the wilderness of regrets. My wife, thank you.

Love wan tin tin: Happy Birthday MJ

For quite some time now, the sole purpose of my wife has been two things, train our children to be godly and to drag me to the temple of God. I can not, in all honesty, say she has succeeded in both but there are traces of not relenting on the quest to make gold out of coal. Today, I appreciate you for all those days you stayed the late night just to pray for us because you know we are feeble minds. Thank you for being our physical angel, thank for being the soul in our home.

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Not every woman will allow third parties in her home at very early years of her marriage but you have been extraordinary. Even though this sacrifice came with consequences, you have managed it like a true mother. Many a time we have offended you but you have always found a space in your large heart to forgive us, on behalf of the boys, I must say we are not taking your sacrifices for granted.

Dear MJ of Life, I know I have not been the best of husbands and I have been found wanting many a time, but thank you for always loving me for who I am. Happy Birthday, Dearie.

For All the Boys, #Faruq #Rahman #Muqsit (Ubuntu), #Muqeet (Uhuru)


Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni #BabaUbuntu 

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