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Bill Gates And Wife Reveals Things That Surprise Them In Their Foundation Work

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The world richest man and his wife, Bill and Melinda Gates in their usual practice of writing a letter every year describing what they see in their philanthropic efforts around the world  which includes the opportunities, the challenges, and the things that need more attention has recently written another .


BlackBox Nigeria gathered that this year, that letter is focused on things that have surprised the pair; even as the news is dominated by headlines of scandal, policy change and conflict around the world, Bill and Melinda are focused on the many areas around the world in which innovation is driving surprising positive change.


The richest couple in the world started the letter by expressing their surprise for happenings in the year 2018 that ranged from natural disaster to a record high of women campaigning for office while capturing 2018 as a ‘series of surprises’.


The pair also revealed how the news of diarrhea outbreak in poor countries 25 years ago where thousands of kid died daily inspired the duo to delve into philanthropy as they hold the believe of a world for everyone where no child dies from a preventable ailment.


In the couple’s words:


“We would probably say no. From especially devastating natural disasters on the one hand to record numbers of women campaigning for office on the other, 2018 felt to us like a series of surprises. The world looking backward from today is very different from what we pictured a couple years ago looking forward.”


“A benefit of surprises is that they’re often a prod to action. It can gnaw at people to realize that the realities of the world don’t match their expectations for it. Some surprises help people see that the status quo needs to change. Some surprises underscore that transformation is happening already.”


“Twenty-five years ago, we read an article that said hundreds of thousands of kids in poor countries were dying from diarrhea. That surprise helped crystallize our values. We believe in a world where innovation is for everyone—where no child dies from a disease it’s possible to prevent. But what we saw was a world still shaped by inequity.”


“That discovery was one of the most important steps in our journey to philanthropy. We were surprised, then we were outraged, then we were activated.”


On the positive, the Microsoft guru without mincing words highlighted good moments in his philanthropic journey which especially has to do with the drastic reduction of death caused by malaria.


“There have been good surprises, too. When we first started learning about malaria, we thought the world would never make real headway on the disease until someone invented a long-acting vaccine. But thanks to bed nets and other measures, malaria deaths are down 42 per cent since 2000.” The letter reads.


The dire hard Philanthropic family also highlighted in their parting words nine more things that have taken them by surprise along their journey into helping making the world a better place. According to the couple some of these facts inspire them while all of them drive them into action.


The nine surprises the Gates family said are product of thorough research as he believes in data mining for a progressive world.


Read the rest of the letter:


In this year’s annual letter, we’re highlighting nine more things that have surprised us along this journey. Some worry us. Others inspire us. All of them are prodding us to action. We hope they do the same for you, because that’s how the world gets better.


Africa is the youngest continent.

At-home DNA tests can help prevents premature birth.

The world will build an entire New York City every month for 40 years.

Data can be sexist.

You can learn a lot about processing your anger from teenage boys.

There’s a nationalist case for globalism.

Toilets haven’t changed in a century.

Textbooks are becoming obsolete.

Mobile phones are most powerful in the hands of the world’s poorest women.



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