Bank Security Kills Customer At ATM Point In Ketu

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Bank Security Kills Customer At ATM Point In Ketu


A yet to be identified man has been reportedly killed by a security attached to a new generation bank in Ketu, Lagos State.

BlackBox Nigeria gathered that the man had approached the ATM Point in Ketu to withdraw and as he was operating the machine he was accosted by two suspected armed robbers. He reportedly took to his heels and ran towards the bank entrance which prompted one of the robbers to shoot at him but missed.

It was reported that the gun shot alerted the bank security who was on guard and on sighting the man running towards him, he opened fire and killed the customer on the spot. However, the robbers got away.

The sad incident was reported to have occurred around 9pm on Thursday, January 16th and was reported by a Twitter user (Dr PenKing), see below for the tweet used to report the incident.

Right now,two criminals tried to rob a man who was using an ATM outside a bank.The guy ran inside the bank premises. They shot at him but missed. The security in the bank premises heard a gunshot and then saw a man running after them. They shot at him in panic.He is dead. 😢


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