APC Government: Read Hilarious Examination Questions Set By Nigerians

APC Government: Read Hilarious Examination Questions Set By Nigerians

Below are some hilarious questions drafted by Nigerians concerning the current situation the nation is facing among other societal issues. Feel free to answer, and perhaps add yours in the comment box…


*End of First Session Examination, 2015/2016*

*Course Title: Introduction to APC Government*

*Course Code: Government 101*

*Time Allowed: 3 Hours*

*Instruction: Attempt All Questions*

*If GEJ is a constant, while APC is a variable, and if 1year has been used for blaming, with the aid of a diagram:*

*1. Discuss the probability of APC blaming GEJ for the next 3years for*

*i. Dollar increase.*
*ii. Fuel Price increase*
*iii. Power Failure*
*iv. Unemployment*
*v. Fulani Herdsmen Killings*

*2. If APC = All Promises Cancelled, where PMB is a constant, discuss the speed at which:*

*i. N5k promise is cancelled*
*ii. Feeding of school pupil is cancelled*
*iii. NYSC allowance is reduced*
*iv. Fuel pump prices are* *increased*

*3. Define the term, ”Budget padding”.*

*4. Mention 3 types of APC propaganda you know, and how they can be used in 21st century politics.

*5. Mention 5 IDP camps you know that feed with N140000 everyday.*

*6. Mention the next 3 countries PMB will travel and the disgrace he would receive.

*7. If PMB is silent when herdsmen kill people and buys jet fighter when Biafra is mentioned, what is the probability that PMB is not a terrorist?*

*8. Write short notes on these mad phrases;*

*i. masquerade dressing*
*ii. importation of grass*
*iii. fantastically corrupt*

*9. If x is change and y is lies/propaganda, solve the equation, 2x + 5y = ?

*10. If you used to be corrupt, but now fantastically corrupt. Explain the effect of gravitational force on you.*

*Your Time Starts Now!!*
*For every issues*

Some funny write-up must come up. A bi ki la fe pe epistles yi?

*Quiz 101 week 27, Nigeria Senate,. 30 minutes. Choose the correct answer, all questions are COMPULSORY.

*Q1: “I will beat you and nothing will happen” who made this statement.. (5 marks)*
*A, Bukola Saraki
*B. Ekweremadu
*C. Dino Melaye
*D. Obj

*Q2: To whom was the statement in Q1 was directed? (5 marks)*
*A, Remi Tinubu
*B. Diezanne
*C. Mrs. Melaye
*D. None of the above.

*Q3, If Remi Tinubu gets ::) impregnated by Dino, what will the child be in future. (5 marks)*
*A, A Bastard
*B. A billionaire
*C. A. Thug
*D. Future Nigeria President
*E. A Nigerian Senator

*Q4. What should be Bola Tinubu’s reaction to Dino’s statement? (5 marks)*
*A. Beat Dino
*B. Thank Dino
*C. Sue Dino to court
*D. Do nothing
*E. Divorce Remi*Remi

*Q5. What statement will Bola Tinubu likely make after hearing that his wife will be impregnated by Dino. (5 marks)*
*A. Hmmm, Remi, so you and Dino have been doing it together Abi?
*B. Hmmm Omo Ale jatijati.
*C. Wo Remi, Let Him try it first, and I will show him what “Magun” is, idiot
*D. Olorun gbo adura wa ni yen (God has finally answered our prayer)

*Q6. Why was Remi Tinubu not scared of Dino’s statement? (5 marks)
*A. She knows Dino is a liar.
*B. She knows Dino cannot perform.
*C. She knows Dino can perform.
*D. She wants to dare Dino

*Q7. What was Bukola Saraki’ reaction to Dino’s statement? (5 marks)
*A. He was quiet.
*B. He was shocked.
*C. He was happy
*D. He was sorry for Dino
*E. none of the above.

*Q8. Why was Saraki sorry for Dino.? (5 marks)
*A. He knows Dino is impotent.
*B. He knows Bola put Magun on Remi.
*C. He also want to impregnate Remi.
*D. He is very scared of Tinubu.
*E. All of the above.

*Q9. What was Ekweremadu’s reaction to Dino’s statement? (5 marks)
*A. He was shocked
*B. He wasn’t ‘happy.
*C. He wasn’t listening
*D. He was happy.
*E. None of the above.

*Q.10. Ekweremadu did not hear Dino’s statement because…… (5 marks)*
*A. He was not happy.
*B. He was thinking about his jail term.
*C. He was thinking about his forgery case.
*D. He was fighting at that time.
*E. All of the above.

*Q11. In one sentence describe what should happen to Nigeria Senate?
(50 marks) No cheating please…..

Please my students in this Examination Hall, note that this Examination is very important for you to pass if you want to move to the next level of your education Career.

A Learner

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