Again, Controversy Trails Covenant University Over Rape Allegations

Again, Controversy Trails Covenant University Over Rape Allegations

Oyero Abiodun Yakub

Some hours ago, the news filtered out about another allegation against some staff members of Covenant University over raping female students.

Recall last year, a similar case of a girl who was raped by an electrician in her room while being held at knifepoint not to raise an alarm.

Three screenshots were included in the tweet shared by @iTosin Akinbo on Twitter. The first screenshot asked influencers to help spread the word, the second was a screenshot of a chat, and the third was a screenshot of a Google Drive folder.

According to the chat screenshot, students are being sexually exploited by the staff after violating the school rules. It claimed a student is in coma after she committed an abortion for the Head of the Disciplinary Council, and was expelled by the same person. Additionally, it claimed that the private institution had concealed numerous fatalities and had expelled students for advocating for their rights.

It reads in part, “the staff in Covenant University are raping the students. They’ll set st*pid rules, and if the students should break them, they’ll sleep with them in exchange for their studentship. A girl is in coma now, she did an abortion for the head of the student disciplinary council. He got her pregnant and still expelled her.”

The school came under heavy fire by tweeps, as they claimed such shouldn’t be heard of a Christian school which claims to frown strictly at immorality and other social vices. They shared different views on the case with the majority condemning the school authority over the recurrence of such vice.

@iambeeakpan wrote “This Covenant University saga is quite annoying. Whether it be rape or consensual sex, stories like that should not be heard in a school that prides itself in engaging students in countless fellowship programs more than academic activities. It’s a shame to Christendom!”

@Iniosaz wrote “All these talk about Covenant University don’t they have parents or is it that their parents forbid them to talk bad about the school because it belongs to their pastor? Why pay so much money only for your children to be abused.”

@nwawe_kennedy wrote “Covenant university will end up punishing the student that exposed them and not addressing the issue at hand. Once you see a place where rules are strict in the name of religion know that terrible things happen there under religion.”

@slimdaddytiller wrote“This same thing happens every 2 years in covenant University. The same news comes out to the public, it’s swept under the carpet, some students are expelled and everything goes back to normal. Rinse and Repeat.”


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