Police Parade Operators of Gistlover Blog Over Cyberstalking

Police Parade Operators of Gistlover Blog Over Cyberstalking

In its purported fight against cybercrime, the Nigeria Police Force through its National Cybercrime Center (NPF-NCCC) said it has  apprehended three individuals linked to the notorious Gistlover blog. 


In a statement signed by Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, yesterday, 5th of January 2024,  the apprehended operators are Adebukola Kolapo, Nnedum Micheal Somtomchukwu, and Isaac Akpokighe. They  were paraded on charges of conspiracy, cyberstalking, and threats to life.

According to the NPF, the Gistlover blog has long been a source of concern for its involvement in cyberstalking, incitement, blackmail, and other illicit activities.


It noted that  Adebukola Kolapo, alias Omo oba Gistlover, was a key figure in the syndicate, contributing to the creation of over 80 percent of the Gistlover pages. His responsibilities included scouting, editing, and captioning content, particularly cyberstalking posts targeting complainants. Adebukola’s arrest also exposed his role in laundering money obtained from illegal activities, enjoying incentives like car gifts and monetary rewards.

The police said its investigations led to the recovery of eight Gistlover pages created by Adebukola, along with wallet addresses used for money laundering.


In the same vein,  Nnedum Somtochukwu, the second suspect, was said to actively participate in the conspiracy by redirecting traffic to the blog whenever it faced sanctions for policy violations. Nnedum received incentives such as referrals for promotions from the head of the syndicate and was found sharing defamatory content.


While the third suspect, Isaac Akpokighe, replicated the Gistlover blog model by creating several pages and reposting defamatory and life-threatening content against the complainant and other notable Nigerians. Digital forensics led to the recovery of four Gistlover pages created by Isaac Apkokogho.


The suspects are currently in custody and will face court charges upon the conclusion of the investigation. The Inspector General of Police, IGP Olukayode Egbetokun PhD. NPM, issued a stern warning against any form of partnership promoting illegal activities associated with Gistlover blog. He commended the NPF-NCCC for its efforts, reaffirming the force’s commitment to ensuring citizens’ safety both in the physical and digital realms.



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