95-year-old Robert Mugabe is dead

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95-year-old Robert Mugabe is dead

Robert Mugabe is dead

News reaching BlackBox Nigeria has it that former Zimbabwean leader, Robert Mugabe is dead. He reportedly died in Singapore at the ripe age of 95.
Regarded as a tyrant, Mugabe led the southern African country from 1980 to 2017 first as the Prime Minister and later as President. He was removed in 2017 in what was described as a revolutionary military intervention.

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Although, details of his death remain sketchy, BlackBox Nigeria learnt that Robert Mugabe has been receiving treatment intensively since April.
Born Robert Gabriel Mugabe on February 21, 1924 to a humble background, he got acclaimed as a revolutionary activist who eventually turned into a politician and member of the ruling class. Mugabe would be remembered for his strictness against imperialism and a call for African Nationalism.

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