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3 love signs men give and their meanings

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Yusuf Boluwatife



Unlike women, men barely use body gestures as their love language since it is widely believed that a man should make the first approach. Interestingly, men, most times, profess their love with words — coming out plain instead of passing signs i.e. using body languages.

However, in this piece, BlackBox Nigeria outlines three men’s body gestures and their meanings.


Touching beauty spots in a woman

Although this rarely happens, save for men who have close female friends. Meanwhile, a man touches a woman’s beauty spots such as her face, hair, hand and even waist, more often to indicate the bodily part that got his attention.


Pocketing hands

As this is more of a masculine feature, men take to this act to showcase their manliness to a woman of their choice.

At times, both hands are placed in their pocket with one leg resting on the other while they gain their balance on an object, mostly cars. In some other cases, especially during conversations, they keep one hand in the pocket and the other on the chest to poise confidence and for gesticulations as conversations go on between the two genders.



Glances, stares or even a fixed eye contact are another way of passing the “I love you” message. Most women, however, feel shy when they keep eye contacts for long. But eye contact is one way to get a woman’s attention while romantic stares or glances will even make her blush.


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