15 Important Things Nigerians Expect From Buhari In 2017

15 Important Things Nigerians Expect From Buhari In 2017

As the country returns to active productivity following the December and New Year breaks, Nigerians who have been cajoled into expecting change from the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration would expect the change promised during 2015 elections materialize 2years into the tenure of the former military Head of State.

Below are some of the expectations of Nigerians as collated by BlackBox Nigeria…
*Economy: With Companies sacking workers and others reducing workers’ salaries, a major expectation for 2017 will be some decisive policies to address the current recession, reflate the economy and appreciate the value of naira.

*Improve infrastructure across the country to enhance the production of goods and service which will contribute significantly to the ease of doing business.
*Improved Power supply will be priority of Nigerians. In 2017, expectations will be on government to curtail fluctuations in power generation and improve on Transmission and Distribution to deliver constant power to homes and industries.
*Drive towards a production and manufacturing driven economy and a vicious campaign to make Nigerians consume what is produced within the country.
*States’ bilateral partnerships in the light of what Governor Ambode did with Lake rice initiative will be expected. Citizens expect other states and agro processing corporations to expand on the Lagos State idea to achieve food security.
*Reduce concentration on oil even though given the deals struck by Organization of Oil Producing Countries to significantly cut production, which might influence upward flow of crude oil price against the current benchmark, Nigerians expect government to concentrate on diversifying the economy.

*Security, Social and infrastructure: Nigerians will expect an end to insurgency, a lasting solution to the Fulani herdsmen attacks on innocent citizens, address raising spate of kidnappings across the country and ethno-religious killings like it just occurred in Southern Kaduna. In 2017, Nigerians want to live their lives without fear.
*Nigeria’s working class would expect a change in their wage structure, something commensurate with the demands of the time. The present N18,000 minimum wage, was signed into law, in March 2011 and does not conform with the realities of the time.
*Good Governance, impartial and nonpartisan anti-corruption campaign that will end in actual prosecution.
*Knowledge driven economy to empower smart creatives, encourage entrepreneurship and make graduates self dependent. Entrepreneurial studies should be made general course in higher institutions to encourage young people into becoming employers of labour.

*The Entertainment industry remains a money spinning and high income generating sector that the government has not maximize its potentials. Nigerians will expect government to start looking at the industry as a viable alternative to crude oil.
*Political and Legislature: From the Legislative-Executive angle, Nigerians are looking forward to how the 2017 Budget will be passed in view of the brouhaha that surrounded the 2016 budget
*Nigerians will also be  expecting depth oversight from the legislative arm to determine 2016 budget performance.

*Electorates will be expecting people focused initiatives from their elected officials, some of which are encapsulated in the cardinal objectives of iCare Foundation.

In 2017 Nigerians will expect less politicking particularly in relation to 2019 without seeing the dividends of the current dispensation.
*In Anambra that will be having its governorship election, Nigerians expects a rancour free, and seen to be fair election without bloodshed, what happened in Rivers rerun is pathetic and should not repeat itself in any sane community.

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