10 years after! It’s an all English final as Tottenham axes Ajax

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Lucas Moura netted thrice as he breaks Ajax’s hearts to sets up an all-English final



For the first time in five years the Champions League will not be won by a Spanish side and for the first time since 2012 the trophy will be flying back to England after the final.



Gbas Gbos At Anfield As Liverpool Stuns Barcelona With 4goals

Liverpool and Tottenham both pulled off comebacks for the ages to set up an all-English final in Madrid, the first since Manchester United beat Chelsea on penalties in 2008.


Even though one can’t predict the outcome of the final yet but one sure thing for the English supporters is that, the trophy is coming home


It didn’t seem possible for there to be any more drama in this Champions League season, but there were a few drops left in the bottle as three second half Lucas Moura goals knocked Ajax out on away goals after a 3-3 aggregate result.



Before the dramatic comebacks, it was strange if there wasn’t going to be an English side in the final as the Premier League sides have struggled in Europe’s elite competition in the past decade even though it’s the same time as their TV income has gone up and up.



But that’s not the case this season as two teams made it to the final and as all four of their entrants made it to at least the quarter-finals.



The Europa League final in Baku could even end up being an all-English affair too, if Arsenal overcome Valencia and if Chelsea defeat Eintracht Frankfurt.



It seems the Premier League has risen again!

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