10 ways to make extra money as an undergraduate

10 ways to make extra money as an undergraduate


Every tertiary institution student — save for those with rich parents to bankroll their lifestyle — wants extra cash.

The desire to have a side hustle is for different reasons. So I cannot tell why you’d want to a part-time business. Your reasons are best known to you.

It’s possible that you want to get rid of your financial challenges — become independent, support yourself and your family or complement your monthly allowance. It could also be to monetize your skill/talent. Anything might be the case. Like I said earlier, your reason(s) is best known to you.

Here are 10 profitable side hustles you can start as a student of tertiary institution in Nigeria.

1. Tutoring/ Teaching

Teaching people is the one of the best ways to earn a good income if you’re skilled at it. There’s a ready made market for you. It could be your course mates or junior students on campus. In fact, it could be secondary or primary school students outside your campus. Just find the right place and you’re good to go.

2. Selling clothes, shoes, and bags

People would always want to dress up and look nice, a ready market is available for you. All you need is proper branding and a marketing strategy.

3. Fashion designing

This could be tasking, really. It takes a lot of your time and energy, but it is all about finding the balance and starting something beautiful that you might want to do in the future.

4. Graphic design

Someone is always contesting for a position in the student union, faculty or department and, they would need graphic designers for their posters. Even event organisers need flyers for publicity. Plus, it is a very employable skill.

5. Modelling and pageantry

Most models and pageant queens in Nigeria started from the university, you could also get into that and make it big. You never can tell.

6. Music production

On campus, there are countless music acts on campus in need of music producers. Though this is not guaranteed to earn you money instantly. If you’ve got passion for music, this is something you can do. Don Jazzy started from somewhere.

7. Makeup

There is usually one party or dinner going on in school and, the services of makeup artists are hot and on-demand. Don’t dull it!

8. Nail Technician

Women beauty is an untapped gold mine. Learning how to do this would earn you money easily.

9. Web design and coding

Tech is the new oil, as they say. No matter the course you are studying you can always make time to learn this. This skill increases your chance at getting a job and who knows you might actually create an app that people love and make money off it. Think of the “tech bros” making millions.

10. Selling snacks

Student life in Nigeria is stressful. Going about is one exhausting activity. Many students rely on snacks as food to refill their lost energy. If you can get a good number of your fellow students and sell snacks like biscuits, plantain chips, potato chips, groundnut cake, etc, making income on the side won’t be difficult.

Abass Latifat Olamide is an undergraduate student of English Language at the Lagos State University. She is an extrovert by nature and admires hard work and consistency. Follow her on Twitter @Lartholomo,Instagram@Lartholomo,FB page@AbassLatifatOlamide.

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